WV Food Guy Steven Keith is on a mission to locate the tastiest town in West Virginia. Each week through June 12 we'll feature his review of one of the seven towns in the running. This in an interactive series: scroll down to view photos, videos, a map and stories, and be sure to vote on your pick for the best restauraunts in each town. Winners will be announced on June 19.


Judging Criteria

  • Overall quality of food:
  • Is the food prepared properly, and does it taste good?
  • Diversity of restauraunts
  • Are there different kinds of restauraunts, from traditional American fare to ethnic specialties? Is the food scene interesting, or will your taste buds fall asleep half way through the second meal?
  • Variety of price points
  • Sure, you can get a great meal if you're willing to pay an arm and a leg, but what if you're looking to feed the family without risking the family home?
  • Use of locally sourced food
  • Do many, or even most, of the restauraunts make an effort to use locally grown produce? Regional foods?
  • Ambiance and service
  • Do the restauraunts and dining facilities make an effort to provide an interesting, pleaseing atmosphere? Is the wait staff properly trained and professional? Each of these things can take a meal from good to great.


Tastiest Town: Charleston

Real. Mountain Flavor.